Our Promise

Support your plant-based lifestyle by making it easy for you to be plant-based.

We Walk the Walk

We know the hassle it is to search endlessly through labels on everything you buy. Who knew every day foods like bread, cookies, or cereals aren’t necessarily plant-based? That animal ingredients can be found in everything from spreads to chips? - Even when it’s not a main ingredient (as in buttered popcorn)?

The good news is the food industry is slowly but surely catching up. They’re learning something that we’ve known for a while: The future is plant-based.

Backed by Science

When it comes to vitamins, however, it’s a different story. In addition to our own experience, we’ve known plant-based eaters who take between 5 to 9 supplements a day, to plug any holes they may have in their nutrition. And to be fair, a wholesome plant-based diet has just about everything your body needs to thrive. But let's be realistic, not everyone is a certified nutritionist or has done the research (as we have) that beets are a great source of iron, or orange juice can come fortified with vitamin D.

Check out the research on our Ingredients page.

Custom-Made Custom-Fitted

So we created VictuaLiV, a multi specifically designed for plant-based diets. VictuaLiV has 9 essential vitamins and minerals that you may not be getting everyday. And the best part, you only need 2 a day. Only the essential, no more, no less.

Guide for your Journey

And in keeping our promise, we realize that a healthy plant-based lifestyle is more than a multivitamin, that’s why we also encourage you to sign up for our free VictuaLiV Essential Plant-Based Nutritional Guide to support your journey and follow us on social media where we post easy-to-do recipes, nutritional stuff you should know, and more. In keeping with our victual-life philosophy: life is the food you put in it, the better the food, the better the life.

VictuaLiV: Liv for you, Liv for animals, and Liv for the planet.

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