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VictuaLiV – Whole-Body Support For Plant-Based Lifestyles

Love your plant-based diet, but tired of wondering if you’re:

Poor nutrition can be even more problematic as essential nutrients influence:

You chose a plant-based lifestyle to boost your health...

Complement Your Lifestyle

We couldn’t find the optimal supplement, so we made it ourselves!

Our dedicated team of vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians designed VictuaLiV's custom plant-based formula with 9 essential vitamins and nutrients to close nutritional gaps you may have in your plant-based diet.

Don't just survive—thrive in your plant-based journey!

Unmatched Health Benefits Backed by Science


If you’re looking for head-to-toe nutritional support for your plant-based diet, VictuaLiV is the way to go!

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Just What I Need

"I LOVE that it has just what I need and not a gazillion things. I love that it is curated for me! I worried that the amount of nutrients aren't enough...now that I know I need to take 2x a day, that's better."

Elysabeth A.

Healthy and Green

"I like it! It smells like algae a bit, but not as strongly as E3 live. It's actually a bit of a pleasant smell, it smells healthy and green. Like you know you're putting plants into your body."

Sandi S.

Covered All the Bases

"Taste is slightly "green" probably the veggie capsule. Not strong enough to stop me from taking them. Covered all the bases with gluten free, vegan friendly, and other icons on back."

Andrea S.
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A plant-based lifestyle should be easy. We offer 100% money back guarantee to give VictuaLiV a try so you can shop stress-free.

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